Maquette Show
Exhibiting accomplished artists who create large-scale, public art

Friday, April 7, 2017, 3:30-7:30 pm
Saturday, April 8, 10 - 6 pm


A group of established artists will exhibit their models (maquettes) of larger concepts.  This will include drawings, proposed dimensions, color options and pricing for different scales.  It is a show that sells concepts as opposed to finished work.  Instead of the art buyers purchasing a work of art, they are commissioning an art project.  The object of the Maquette Show is to formalize and facilitate the art proposal process.  It is designed to make the art acquisition process more efficient and initial conversation more productive for all stakeholders.


Participating Artists:

1. Scott Shubin Arlington  
2. Pascale Pryor Oak Cliff  
3. Art Fairchild Arlington  
4. Laura Walters Dallas  
5. Albert Scherbarth The Cedars - Dallas  
6. Art Wells Dallas  
7. Terry Jones Jewett  
8. Stephen Potter web Dallas  
9. Dewane Hughes Tyler  
10. Chris Lattanzio Dallas  
11. Kat Cole Dallas  
12. Rebecca Low Fort Worth  
13. Julia Ousley Arlington  
14. Russ Connell Denton  
15. Scott Trent Richardson  
16. Byron Zarrabi Dallas  
17. George Tobolowsky Mountain Springs  
18. Robertus Joost van der Wege Dallas  
19. Michelle O'Michael Houston  
20. Jeffie Brewer Nacogdoches  
21. Jerry Daniel Denton - Sanger  
22. Jana Tidwell Arlington  
23. Eliseo Farmers Branch  
24. Nic Noblique Clyde  
25. Brad Oldham Dallas  
26. Michael Pavlovsky Fort Worth  
27. Marek Anthony Dallas  
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