Metal Sculpting and the Business of Art
    Bill J. Priest Institute, El Centro College
1402 Corinth St., Dallas 75215

Mission:  Create a program which introduces and trains, inspires and promotes artists with the foundational medium of metal art, built through the industrial welding program at Bill J. Priest.


The welding program is the ideal complement to the industrial welding program.  We have the expertise, faculty and fully equiped shop to teach the nuances of welding, and assist students in their journey to becoming an accomplished welder.  The art program on the weekends utilizes the welding equipment to create sculptures in the medium of metal.  We begin with the fundamentals of welding and quickly get into the other elements of creating art in metal.  This includes metal finishes, structural integrity of large-scale work, promoting and selling art, and the dialog around creating fine art for public consumption.
Proposed Programs

  • Artist certification
  • Public art certification program
  • Maquette shows
  • Art Factory
  • Artist consortium
For more details contact: sco 214-202-7325  
About instructor:
Scott Trent
Location: Bill J. Priest Institute, 1402 Corinth St., Dallas 75215
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